12010S Santa Maria Starterpack

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Christopher Columbus' Santa María Model

The Santa María ship is central to the history of Christopher Columbus' voyages. It was one of the three ships of Christopher Columbus. The three, La Pinta, La Niña, and the Santa María ships. The Santa María was the largest of the three vessels and played a key role during the 1492 voyage that culminated in the discovery of the New World. In August 1492, this Santa María ship, and Columbus, departed from Spain to arrive in America in October of the same year.

The importance of the Santa María ship lies in its role in this historic voyage that opened the doors to the exploration and colonization of America, changing the course of world history. The Santa María ship of Christopher Columbus is remembered not only for its journey but also for the legacy it left in expanding the geographical and cultural boundaries of the time.

Santa Maria Ship Model - Technical Sheet

Scale: 1/50
Width: 220mm
Height: 400mm
Length: 530mm
Difficulty: Beginner
Number of pieces: 1631

Includes sails.

    • Cast pieces
    • Step-by-step video tutorials
    • Instructions in 5 languages
    • Step-by-step HD photos
    • Glue and tool usage guide
    • Parts list with measurements and materials
    • IP sheet with photos for identifying parts
    • Scale plans
    • Lifetime warranty

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